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 Caulking & Sealants
  •  Polyurethane Sealants


NP 1 - One part - non-sag , white, off white, tan, limestone, stone, aluminum gray, redwood tan, medium bronze, special bronze, and black

 10.3 oz.

SL 1 - One part - self level, limestone only

 10.3 oz.
30 oz.

NP 2 - Two part -non-sag, 40 standard colors
any custom color

 1 gal.

 3 gal.

SL 2 - Two part - self level, 40 standard colors
any custom color

 1 gal.

 3 gal.

Sonolastic 150 - Low modulus, high-movement, fast curing,, white, off white, cameo, limestone, tan, redwood tan, riverbend, stone, saltbox, aluminum gray, medium bronze, special bronze, and black , Tintable base - 40 standard colors, or any custom color

 10.3 oz.
20 oz.

 1 gal

 Sonneborn www.chemrex.com


Titebond Weathermaster- A special polymer formula , permanent flexibility,  UV resistant, and weatherproof, 

 170 standard colors 


       Franklin Intl, www.titebond.com


10.3 oz



        Security Sealants   

                       Ultra Security, Pick-Resistant sealant,

                        one part, non sag, white, limestone,

                        and aluminum gray.   


                                   Sonneborn www.chemrex.com


                               SB 190 Security  Pick Proof for Prisons,

                               Jails, and Banks,  non sag, Clear only


                                    Surebond, Inc  www.surebond.com




     10.3 oz

        20 oz

  • Polysulfide Sealants


Two part polysulfide - non sag , white, off white,
limestone, tan, stone, and aluminum gray

 1 gal.

  Sonneborn www.chemrex.com




 T 2235 - two part - non sag dark bronze only

1 gal.

 PolySpec www.polyspec.com




  • Silicone Sealants (100% )


Omniseal - Low modulus, neutral curing, non sag white, translucent, bronze, aluminum gray, & black.

 10.3 oz.

Omniplus - High modulus, acetoxy cure, mildew resistance white, black, bronze, gray, and translucent

 10.3 oz.

Sonneborn www.chemrex.com




GE 1000 - High modulus, acetoxy cure, non sag, translucent, white, black, aluminum, and dark bronze

 10.3 oz.

GE Silpruf - Neutral cured, low modulus , non sag white, black, limestone, light grey, aluminum grey, dark grey, precast white and bronze

 10.3 oz.

Custom color to match (36 gallon minimum )

 2 gal.

GE Sanitary - Acetoxy cured , mildew resistance, non sag translucent, almond, and marble

 10.3 oz.

G. E. www.ge.com/silicones


Bondaflex 100 WF Anti-microbial, acetoxy cured,  mildew resistance, non sag  clear, white, and almond.


Bondaflex 290 one part, non sag, ultra low modulus, neutral cure,  16 standard colors


Bondaflex 295 one part, non sag, structural glazing and weatherseal, neutral cure,  16 standard colors


Bondaflex 290 FPS Two part low modulus, neutral cure, field pigmentable, no bleed,  16 standard and 52 custom plus colors.


Bondaflex 295 FPS Two part structural glazing / weatheseal, neutral cure, field pigmentable, no bleed, 16 standard and 52 custom colors


 May National www.maynational.com


 10.3 oz.

 1.5 gal pail









  • Tripolymer Sealants


Geocel 2300 - Elastomeric rubber , non sag, clear, white, tan, and almond

 10.3 oz.

Geocel 2310 - Elastomeric rubber, brushable clear only

 Qt can. 1gal.

Geocel 2320 - Gutter and Seam sealant white, alum. gray and clear colors

  Qt can. 1gal

  Geocel Inc www.geocelusa.com




  • Siliconized Acrylic Latex


Sonolac - General purpose, non-sag. white, stone, almond, and gray

 10.3 oz.

 Sonneborn www.chemrex.com




AC-20 - General purpose , non sag, tru- white, bronze, limestone, ivory, cedar, tan, almond, alum-stone, brown, beige-gray

 10.3 oz.

Tru-white color tubes ( only )

 30 oz.

AC-20 FTR - Accustical rated, fire rated with Ultra Block, Tru - white only

 30 oz.

Pecora www.pecora.com




Polyseamseal - Adhesive, non sag white, brown, and almond


Henkel Corp www.osisealants.com


 10.3 oz.

 Window & Door - 35 year, non sag, clear

       10.3 oz.

  Red Devil  www.reddevil.com




  • Traffic Loops and Highway Sealants


Gold label loop (all seasons) Self leveling all season polyester sealant designed for traffic controls to embed and protect detector loop wires for traffic signals and parking gates.


Sonneborn  www.chemrex.com


3.5 gal kit.

Bondaflex 728 SL One part self leveling, ultra-low modulus, neutral cured silicone for highway and parking garages.  Jet fuel resistant, charcoal gray.

29 oz 

4.5 gal 

52 gal.

  May National Inc.www.maynational.com



  • Sealing Tapes


A - Seal - 20 mil- aluminum back with micro sealant adhesive - alum only color

 2"x50' rl.
4"x50' rl.
6" x50' rl..

Roof Seal - 35 mil - UV stable film with micro sealant adhesive - black , white, and gray color

 2"x50' rl.
4" x50' rl.
6"x50' rl.
8"x50' rl
12"x50' rl.

Double Stick - 60 mil - micro sealant adhesive On both sides.

1"x50' rl.
2"x50' rl.

Web Seal - 30 mil woven polyester with micro sealant designed to accept elastomeric coating for a complete waterproofing seal.

4"x 50'rl
6"x 50' rl.
8"x 50' rl. 12"x50'rl. 

  • All tapes maintain a flexible, water tight seal on EPDM, CSPE / Hypalon, TPO, CPE, most PVCs, APP and SBS modified, asphalt BUR, coal tar BUR, shingles, tiles and all metals. Also adheres to wood, plastic, brick, steel, OSB board, gypsum, polystyrene, vinyl siding, canvas, pond & pool liners, ABS fiberglass, RV roofs, polyethylene holding tanks, and all watercraft seams.


 Eternabond www.eternabond.com



  • Polysul-Grip Butyl Tape


64-A - Butyl tape with excellent adhesion to aluminum, glass, galvanized steel and many  other porous and non porous surfaces,

Other Sizes available..

 Manus Products Inc. www.manus.net




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